Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles review


dfgj)In Orpheum Theatre offer many culture activities like trade, culture, fashion, science, entertainment, and media. This is also well known to produce the famous entertainers of recording, movie world and television. This particular large auditorium can accommodate 3000 plus people in at one place, people who can enjoy the fun of music, cocktail parties or other many events.

Orpheum Theatre- Technical Specification and attractive events


The Orpheum theater has the largest space for balcony, lodge, orchestra and side boxes. Recently this theater updated by installing newly invented upholstered seats, by this over two thousand people can fill inside the theater with comfortable arrangements of seats.

The Orpheum Theater not only used for music shows but can also is used for ceremonies. At this situation to place the cameras, to have a dance floor and for many other needs, you can create the additional space just by removing the 1-5 row seats.

The main specialty of this Orpheum Theater is the wheelchair accessibility in both main floor and in the balcony as well.

Entrance hall

The one who build the Orpheum Theater has beautifully created the structure of entrance hall with white marble walls and the floor is decorated with the new rich fabric of silk red carpet reflecting the luxurious design of the original that has been placed. This lovely beautiful area can arrange for more 300 people to enjoy the fun of cocktail parties, bar setups, coffee, and dessert party, hors d’oeuvres and much more.


This floor which comes in between the ground and first floor; this accommodates over 125 people in this particular space. The mezzanine that dominates the lobby area is a marvelous and outermost space which specially used for silent auctions, exhibition space, event overflows and for other purposes.


It’s more over like a club where people can sit and relax in this particular area. This place accommodates up to 175 of people. The lounge is beautifully sculptured using the attractive wood covered with panels. A private space cocktail lounge and food making room are the most convenient location to have parties and for other related events.


This sound Orpheum Theater designed to have natural sound quality and it consists of 24 speakers with full Dolby noise reduction systems surrounded all over the theater.

Green room

It’s usually located below the stage; this green room is mainly used for rehearsals, technical production, and for storage purpose. Green room always designed in this manner to have easy accessing facility from this room to dressing room.


The larger acre of property Orpheum Theater provides two elevators, that both elevators have the 2000lb capacity. This elevator easily made accessible for guest, so it’s located near the entrance hall and gives the direct access to the mezzanine, downstairs hall, and balcony levels.

Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles services

The Orpheum theater is continuously entertaining people by scheduling programs such as concerts, live performances, movie premieres and with many other specials happenings to its ancient stage. Recently together with television, film, video and music starts, they have added an extra feature called location filming to the theater to expand its popularity.

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