Major Health Issues Caused By Mold

Black-Mold-and-Mold-Removal-Toronto1Toxic black mold is a common kind of fungus found in homes, workplaces and corporate buildings. Like many other parasites, toxic mold causes many health diseases and serious symptoms. Critical illnesses caused by toxic mold would include breathing problems and mental impairments. In rare cases, mold & mold spores may result in death. Eight different health issues caused by mold would include tiredness, skin problems, neurological symptoms, circulatory issues, eye problems, immune system problems, physical discomfort and respiratory troubles. So, are you prepared learn about these 8 fatal health tremors? If yes, keep reading! In the next few lines, you will learn more about these health diseases and its symptoms.

Mold and Neurological Troubles

Mold produces trichothecene Mycotoxins. This is a neurotoxic composition that induces mental and neurological problems. Neurotoxic molecules will impair your mental ability and kill neurons. Consequently, individuals will face personality changes, frequent mood swings and nervous disorders. Common symptoms of this health issue would include anxiety, confusion, shortened attention span and dizziness.

Respiratory Hassles Caused By Mold

Mold spores can cause many respiratory issues. People who live with toxic black mold will feel a burning sensation in their air passage and nasal cavity. Mycotoxins will irritate your throat, mouth and nose. This is because mold spores can congest your mucus membranes and result in sinus. Respiratory issues caused by mold will have the following symptoms: sore throat, nose bleeds, runny nose, wheezing, bleeding gums, difficulty in breathing, blocked nose, pulmonary edema (swollen lungs), frequent coughing, itchy nose, pulmonary hemorrhage (bleeding in lungs) and burning sensation in your mouth.

Well Known Circulatory Problems

Another common health problem caused by mold spores would include circulatory symptoms. As mentioned previously, Mycotoxins can be absorbed into the body through the eyes and skin. As the toxins find a way into the body, it would infest the blood. Eventually, this will result in problems like heart damage, blood clots and hemorrhaging. Circulatory problems caused by mold spores would lead to the following symptoms: low blood pressure, vomit with blood, heart inflammation, bleeding brain, bone marrow disruption, irregular heartbeat and internal bleeding.

Prominent Vision Issues

Likewise, mold causes many vision-oriented problems. Toxic black mold will come in touch with your eyes from the air. According to physicians, Mycotoxins are cytotoxic and can create many eye sicknesses. When the toxic particle touches your eye, it will cause inflammation and injury. Eye problems and vision issues caused by mold will trigger the following symptoms: eye damage, jaundice, soreness, blurry vision and bloodshot eyes.

A wide range of Skin Problems!

Mold spores tend to cause a wide range of skin problems. One of the three ways by which Mycotoxins can creep into the body would be through the skin. Over the past few years, individuals who have been affected by black toxic mold have developed serious skin problems and rashes. Additionally, they tend to sweaty extensively near their armpits. These are conventional symptoms followed by serious ones like jaundice, crawling skin and dermatitis (itchiness, skin inflammation, blisters and rash).

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